Fake Prada Fall Winter 2021 Campaign

Prada Fall Winter 2021 Campaign

Feelings – emotions and senses, intimacy and tactility. The Fall Winter 2021 Prada replica campaign, showcasing the collections for women and men designed by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, is an exploration of the evocation of feeling.

To feel has connotations both sensorial and emotional – rather than intellectual discourse, it is about instinct, spontaneity. Photographed by David Sims, each image is implicitly a fragment of an independent narrative – yet presented in serial, laid side-by-side, these photographs form a new abstract story of their own, expressing emotion. Deeper than appearance, this campaign is about what feels like Fake Prada Store

Fake Prada Fall Winter 2021 Campaign

This narrative will come to life through a variety of experimental activations during Fall 2021, spanning digital and physical – life, re-fashioned, through the lens of Fake Prada. Real-world spaces and quotidian objects will be enveloped in tactile patterns drawn from the Fall Winter 2021 Prada replica collection, alongside building façades also featured in the campaign imagery – objects and places that can be touched, felt. 

The Prada Fall Winter 2021 replica campaign as a whole is a proposition, a proposal – positing a vision of a brand, intentionally multi-faceted, to reflect its complex and ever-transforming nature. It is that which – always – feels like Fake Prada Store. 

A series of experimental initiatives come to life in Milan, Florence, Rome, Paris, London, New York, Shanghai, and Tokyo, accompanying and intensifying the campaign, in a resonating game of aesthetic and semantic allusions.

The billboards on walls of buildings, which revisit their façades and connote the panorama of the cities, are echoed by surprising forays in urban spaces full of meaning. Bakeries, fruit and vegetable markets are transformed by Prada’s touch and enlivened with iconic codes.

The leitmotif of this campaign is its geometries and the unmistakable patterns of the fabrics in the collection: eye catching on packs of bread and on fruit and vegetable crates, continuing from one wall of a building to another – without losing but rather multiplying their identity – in real-life, everyday spaces.

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